My name is Chad Anonson and I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic currently practicing in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I also have a B.S. in Biology, Computer Science, and Psychology.  I decided to make this blog as a way to organize my research and thoughts on vaccinations.  I am consistently confronted by friends and family about vaccinations, and rather than re-writing arguments on peoples’ facebook pages for the umpteenth time, I thought having a blog that addresses this information would be much more efficient.

I don’t necessarily consider myself to be ‘anti-vaccine’, although I’m sure most other people would.  The reason I don’t label myself as such is because I quite frankly don’t care if other people choose to vaccinate their children.  I am not responsible for other people’s children, and so if parents choose to vaccinate, good for them.  But I also believe that other people don’t have the right to tell me what I need to do as a parent.  I was perfectly fine with doing my own thing, and letting other people do their own thing, but with the current climate surrounding vaccines, it has become nearly impossible to remain silent.  The media characterizes people who choose not to vaccinate their kids as ignorant and a danger to society.  On this premise, there has been a huge push from the government to make it more difficult to get exemptions from vaccinations.  So I find myself having to constantly defend my choice not to vaccinate my children.

The goal of this blog is to provide research and analysis of data in defense of my position.  Over time I hope to provide an analysis of every vaccine currently on the CDC vaccination schedule.  I will likely also provide responses to the latest pro-vaccine propaganda pieces as they start to circulate around the internet.


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